Student Interaction On Virtual Learning Operating Systems During The COVID-19 Pandemic2020

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Dr. Kalpana Abhay Ghatpande


At the end of last year, the epidemic of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) shifted conventional face-to-face teaching to online education platforms in different regions, significantly influencing the quality of education. This paper uses a questionnaire survey to gather online, and offline user experience data constructs a student satisfaction control chart by analyzing emotion and methodology adopted for quantitative analysis, taking user satisfaction on online education platforms as the research object. In a short period, the COVID19-Pandemic has motivated educators to turn their lessons into interactive versions. This research compares teachers' perspectives concerning their online teaching perceptions (before to remote teaching) and experiences (after a month of online teaching). Research has shown a drastic shift in teachers' perceptions of their resolutions to incorporate technology in their classrooms in the post-corona period. The findings of this study have implications for teacher professionalization. Finally, suggestions are given to develop the online education platform to enhance the level of online education during the COVID-19 pandemic to promote the method of information-based education there.

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