Pedagogical Approaches In Broadcast Journalism.

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Dr. Keshav Sathaye, Dr.Geetali Tilak,


Broadcast journalism is a comparatively new area in the journalism teaching arena as it is competitively a new subject in the Indian sub-continent. News broadcasting in India has a long history of almost 100 years. The first news bulletin went on air on July, 23, 1927 through a private radio company. But the regular news broadcasting service started under the regime of the Indian Broadcasting service (IBS) which was named afterwards All India Radio in the year 1936.( as a medium in India had existed from the year 1959 , but because of the priority of the government ,India and the conservative approach of bureaucracy TV was not used for news and current affairs for many years .In1965 Doordarshan, Delhi started a 5 minutes new bulletin and that is the beginning of the broadcast journalism genre on Indian soil .After Mumbai Doordarshan and the other 5 metro TV stations started around 1972-73, real TV journalism found its roots. (dd report pce.pdf - Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction 1.1) All India Radio and Doordarshan had a monopoly of audio& audio- visual news segment in India until the year 1992.However, in the academic circle of journalism and mass communication in Maharashtra, these segments were hardly considered as subjects to be included in curricula and syllabus as a major area of study. Subjects like Television and Radio were there very much in the study programme, but with limited scope. Journalism of Radio & TV had no place in it. This is a major reason that pedagogy for broadcast journalism had not got a berth in the educational diaspora. The present research paper will discuss and study this aspect at length. The second concerning area is on college- level science of education and theory of education, particularly in journalism branch had not been looked into seriously and with due weightage. The researcher, who is also a faculty in broadcast journalism for about 30 years, had taught these subjects in many colleges and institutes in Pune& Maharashtra as a visiting faculty and a subject expert. The present paper would also analyze some experiments done by him to teach broadcast journalism and equip students with more comprehension and clarity. Broadcast journalism a lucrative profession ever growing hand in hand with online media needs facelift through strong pedagogy to teach this subject with more precision and finesse. In this paper, the researcher would be sharing his experiences of teaching broadcast journalism and his findings along with an experiment which that he has conducted for teaching Broadcast journalism module.

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