To Understand The Critical Visual Communication And Its Importance For Graduate Students

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Dr. Nutan Kanegaonkar, Ms. Vasundhara Kashikar, Mr. Kishor Waykar


Visual communication is the way of conveying information through visual formats and explaining and understanding a particular concept. Visual communication transpires information to the viewer through various forms like the internet, books, newspaper, and television. The use of visuals is applicable for online and offline platforms based on the knowledge gap and need to implement visual communication. In the present era of technology and development, visual communication has acquired its own space and pace, and hence the researcher chose the current research subject. Here, in the present research paper, the researcher tried to comprehend the pros and cons of visual communication for college students based on the observations method. Reviews of the literature and other data were collected from internet, books, and scientific research portals etc. Findings of the study revealed that students who access maps, textbooks, graphical representations had acquired explicit knowledge above the complex topic. Here, visual communication has strengthened learning and understanding in students. Further outcomes stated that visual communication is the way to obtain proper knowledge through diagrammatic or pictorial representations. These visual communication elements help students to understand complex and multi-dimensional information or compellingly

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