Need Of Reform In Pedagogy Of The Legal Education In India

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Asst. Prof. Ketki Dalvi


Many changes occur in society, but unfortunately, legal education dates back to the old teaching pattern. The post COVID situation highlighted the drawbacks and flaws in the pedagogy of legal education in India. We faced many difficulties in coping up with technology-based teaching.It is alarming for law colleges to develop and adopt new pedagogy that will equip the budding lawyers to render the service in society. Pedagogy is an essential phenomenon of the teaching and learning process. Young people i.e., students, are prepared by the professors to meet the new challenges for which pedagogy is used. The pedagogies should be reviewed and updated because the mentality of the society is not static, it keeps on changing. Unfortunately, in India, Universities or educational institutions are not keen and enthusiastic about updating the pedagogy. They are resistant but not aware of what kind of loss the students will face in the future. The legal institutes imparting legal education are no exception. In this article, I have tried to analyze the current legal education pedagogy and its flaws. In this article, I have highlighted the views of the Supreme Court, University grant commission, law commission report on the quality of legal education in India. In this article, I have discussed the importance of pedagogies in the career building of the students. In India, law colleges give rigorous education in analytical skills and emphasis on theoretical knowledge by which students learn the language of a lawyer instead can think like a lawyer. Still, education institutes fail to give him the practical knowledge he requires to play lawyer. The outer world is demanding practically trained and skillful lawyers. Unfortunately, maximum colleges do not have such teaching pedagogy to prepare their students to meet the demand. The quality of legal education will improve with good pedagogy, which will incorporate active learning practical-based legal education, group activities, outcome-based evaluation methods, innovative learning and writing tools, etc. The colleges must adopt the change to compete. The law teaching faculties should be given training through workshops and Faculty development programs where they will understand the need of society and the need to review the pedagogy.

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