Use Of Concept Mapping As A Learning Tool Among Nursing Students – A Pilot Study.

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Prof. Dr. Perpetua R Fernandes


There has been an advancement in the field of Education. Nursing profession has also witnessed reforms in the Nursing education system. Teaching has become more student oriented and based on new technologies and practical approach. Since years Traditional method has been followed. Innovative strategies improve learning, enhances motivation and develops self -control and develops self-learning abilities (Sailaxmi, Mythili, & Thirumoorthy, 2015). Nursing teachers have knowledge about the different innovative teaching methods. 96% teachers expressed the need of bringing about modification in the traditional method of teaching to develop competent nurses and provide quality care (Ashalata,Vaishali, Dhanraj, Santosh & Arunima,2016).

 For developing Critical thinking and judgement skills in Nurses various methods like case study , nursing process and problem based learning has been used ((Nirmala & Shakunthala, 2011). Concept mapping is recommended as one of the effective teaching method for critical thinking (Ab Latif et al., 2016). Concept mapping technique can be used individually for learning by students or for group as a teaching method by teachers ((Bradshaw & Lowenstein, 2014). A study in Taiwan found that concept mapping helped students in accounting by integrating and clarifying the concepts and making it easy to understand (Chiou, Chei-Chang,2008) 

The purpose of this study is aimed at assessing the effectiveness of Concept mapping on the knowledge of First year Basic. B.Sc. Nursing students of selected college. The following objectives were formulated for the study. 

1.To assess the effectiveness of concept mapping technique on the knowledge of Nursing students in Pune. 

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