Analytical Study Of Indian Society In Relevance To Value Based Education

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Dr. Ambarish Khare


A person without values is like a body without heart; hence, acquiring true values are became the need of today’s world. Value education supports individuals in taking the right decision, experiencing truth, and working in the right direction to attain socio-economic balance. Development and acquisition of values start from family through parents, teachers, schools, colleges, universities, and society. Especially in India, value-based education becomes the need as values vanish from the community. Hence, need is generated to inoculate values in individual again to attain social well-being. In the present research, the researcher has performed a descriptive study to understand the importance and need of value education in Indian society. During the investigation, the researcher found that several moral values are very much essential while living life. Scholars have also concluded that the acquisition of good values is necessary to solve day-to-day problems and receive a respectful place in society.

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