New Edge Of Education: Perspective Of Teachers And Students Towards Online Education In Higher Education Of India

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Geeta Joshi


During to Covid-19 outbreak, there is an increased dependency on web-based technology. People all around the world rely heavily on online platforms to communicate, entertain, and to gather information. Similarly, the educational system is also very much depend on online technology to pursue scholarly activities. (Shahid and Ahmad 2018;GOP 2020)

Increase in online teaching and learning  are influenced by issues like population growth (Broad, 1997), institutional competition (Daniel & Cox, 2002), and changing learner needs (Willis, Tucker, & Gunn, 2003). More clarity is necessary regarding relevance, effectiveness, restrictive and facilitative dimensions of online education through research. For example, instead of providing support, facilities and training of pedagogical skills, faculty are increasingly expected and encouraged to develop and teach online courses.(Choi & Park, 2006)

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