The Legal Implications of the International Job Association: International Employee as a Model

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Nehal Hassan Ibrahim Ahmed


     After the development of the international community and the emergence of international organizations, which is considered as an advanced phase in the international community’s endeavor to enhance cooperation and communication and achieving international solidarity in all areas that maintain collective security and advancement for mankind. It is noticed that the phenomenon of international organization in the course of its development has gone through many stages that revealed the emergence of the international function, which consequently, its existence is linked to the existence of international organizations. It  also shows a special importance of legal responsibility, whether at the internal or external level, and it is called a group of international employees who occupy permanent jobs and  enjoy a special legal system to regulate their relations with the organization and indicate their obligations and rights describing them  international employees. The international organization managing its internal affairs alone requires having an independent functional character, which is one of the most important features in which the legal personality of the international organization and its independent will of the member of the  states appear.

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