Traditional Handloom and its Impact on Weavers: A Study in Assam

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Dhiren Saikia, Himashree Baruah


Traditional handloom and weaver have an unending relationship in Assam. Both tribal and non-tribal people are engaged in handloom activity. The proposed study was conducted in the Ligiribari village of Sivasagar district, Assam. Data was collected from the weavers using focus group discussion, personal interviews,  and non-participatory observation. Results revealed that traditional handloom is a part of livelihood strategy among the Ligiribari handloom weavers. Along with agriculture, they give the same priority to the handloom as a means of securing the needs of life. There is a positive scenario towards the weaver's or women’s social empowerment. But at the same time, there are some problems related to handloom and their daily life. 

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