Impact of Peace Marketing on The Strategic Sovereignty: An Exploratory Study in Noor Al-Kafeel Corporation for Animal and Food Products

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Yousif Hchiam Sultan Al-Taie, Baqer Khudair Abdul Abbas Al-Hadrawi


The marketing of peace is a central source of reference for social transformation and global prosperity. It provides vital research on developing programs and campaigns geared to the imposition and support of ideas that lead to conflict resolution. It analyzes and proposes various peace marketing campaigns in which they present how customers can use the A.M.A.N. The organization uses different tactics to console and achieve political, social, and individual peace. In addition, to enhance the sustainability of resources and education by highlighting topics such as civic participation, conflict management, and symbolism. The study found statistical findings representing the impact of the marketing of peace in strategic sovereignty. The effects varied between dimensions, and the most influential was customer rights and thus economic development and transparency. It has also been shown that the study sample institution believes that ensuring strategic sovereignty is based on competitive advantage.

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