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Smithashree C R, Roshan K , Divya Rao B J


Globally coronavirus has produced volatile surroundings for people which has unfolded everywhere in the international and known as a virulent disease declared by WHO (World Health Organization). COVID-19, the pandemic has stopped a lot of monetary activities because of contagious ailment and has found no cured until a date to combat. It has produced a monetary ill-effect on the globe, India and the following enforcement of lockdown affected the worldwide capital markets, and majorly on Indian mutual fund industry without much any exception. BSE Sensex index changed into 42273 as of January 20th, 2020 however on April 8, 2020, it changed into 29894. During the Financial 12 months 2019–2020, a markdown of 26% in mid-cap index changed into observed, however at the equal time, the sensitive index decreased with the aid of using 22%. These matters affect the percentage marketplace and monetary balance of people. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic is an exceptional surprise to the Indian economy. The Government of India has introduced quite a few measures to address the situation, this paper focuses on the effect of the corona on the Indian mutual fund industry, the author used a qualitative approach to discover the numerous demanding situations confronted with Sector-clever effect on Indian business entities, analysing Business Performance of budget in the course of the pandemic, key findings, its strategic implications and Conclusions are drawn from the have a look at will assist the researcher and capital marketplace stakeholders in drawing techniques to deal in particular at this inhumane disaster times.

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