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Surachate Hakparn


The purposes of this research were to investigate the policing the best management practice in motorcycle youth gang in Thailand. This research was used mixed-method research. Quantitative sample groups included 400 police officers implementing preventive and subjugation measures to solve motorcycle gang problem in Bangkok, and qualitative include 25 administrators supervising in the same project including motorcycle youth gangs. A set up of questionnaires, in-deep interview and focus group were used. Findings showed that the overall average and leadership were high, pursued by teamwork, performance and restoration. The Royal Thai Police had been using prevention, extended investigation and suppression measures as guideline for Data analysis of illegal street race complaint cases, Arresting of page administrators and supporters, Investigating muffler shops selling non-certified TIS standard and extended to manufactory, Setting up check points to calibrate muffler noise, Controlling and seizure of unlawful motorcycles and arrest illegal riders, and having offensive riders to join boot-camp program so as to modify their behavior and attitude. This research conducted that they had been using integrated strategy with the integration by the government, private and public sectors, along with law enforcement and restoration. The suggestions were to apply law enforcement with parents, guardian or care provider of motorcycle gang members seriously, take legal action against manufacturer, possessor and distributor, assembler, and modifier of non-certified TIS standard motorcycle parts and accessories, along with illegal street race supporter. Besides, all sectors in the society needed to cooperate in strengthening the family institution. The policy suggestions were divided into 3 phases including; initial phase (monitoring and suppressing), middle phase (post-Arresting), increase training course time for children under 18 years old. For drug addicts, the police should provide drug addiction treatment at a military camp, and long-term phase, educational institutions should nurture proper attitude, value and belief to children and youth since childhood.

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