Analysis On Micro And Small Scale Enterprise Assistance Program In Wetland Areas Of Siak District As A Regional Business Development Program

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Sri Indarti, Rendra Wasnury, Rio Marpaung


Siak is a District with adequate economic development despite the absence of oil and gas sector, reaching a growth rate of 3.12 in 2018 with a poverty rate of 5.44 which was better than the poverty rate of Riau Province. In Siak District, the service sector absorbs the largest number of worker, while the trade sector placed the second. The number of micro and small entrepreneurs in Siak District by the end of 2019 has exceeded 3001 business units registered in the regional government database. This study involved small and micro enterprises in Siak District as samples, particularly in Wetland areas in Sei Apit and Sei Mandau Sub-Districts. Business players in the Wetland area had a unique ability in developing their business. The empowerment of business players in Siak District is expected to integrate socio-cultural values of foreign cultures into the local ones. Considering the available resources, the strategies used to achieve the goals and objectives were proposed as follows: a. Strengthening, facilitating and connecting the community organizations and universities to strengthen the role of business actors in the economic sector at the central and regional levels; b. Increasing the knowledge, attitudes and skills of small and micro business managers; c. Improving and developing the partnerships and networking..

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