The 4c’s Century Skills In Teaching And Learning Trigonometry

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Dr. Beatrice D. Mabitad , Engr. Rex S. Rebuyas , Joan C. Ngoho , Jonathan G. Basmayor


It is a global issue on how to improve the quality of Teacher education in terms of teaching and learning process , 4C’s twenty first century skills : Critical thinking , Communication , Collaboration , and Creativity are essential for success in today’s world. The importance of Teacher’s as one of the factors in the instrumentation of learning and measuring the effectiveness of the teacher strategies in the manner to create a meaningful learning and multiple learning opportunities for all students. Learning is a tool for the individual for his lifelong activity . Being equipped , means two things :  (1 ) to have the direction and ( 2) to have a skills for lifelong learning. Kolb’s process of learning and Garner’s ways of learning using the twenty first century skills. The aim of the study is find out the   effectiveness of the integration of 4c’s in teaching trigonometry. The researcher used the quasi-qualitative method and focus –group of   method in gathering  descriptive information , then evaluated  and validated by experts in the field . In synthesizing the result of the data  using the SPSS software statistics  mean, SE mean , T=value and P-value  it shows  in the teaching and learning process twenty first century skills has a vital role in preparing the students for their future. However , there are  variety of opportunities for the teachers in enhancing their ability in teaching as well the significant to the students capability of their  learning competencies in the twenty first century skills..

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