An Analysis of Block Chain Technology Influence on Supply Chain Management: A Review

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Kalpit Jain, Dr. Yashpal, Dr. Jayant K Purohit


Manufacturing organizations want to amplify fiscal gains not only by trading goods and services but also by adopting the new tools, techniques and technologies to advance the manner of business models.

There are few distinct focused methods discussed in this proposal. First deals with the enabling factors that are required to implement successful block chain application within conventional supply chain management. But, there is a scarcity of literature on how these enablers were taken to enhance competencies of the Supply Chain (SC) and eventually affect a particular supply chains reliability and performance. The second deal with an extension of literature review to identify potential driving factors and challenges to implement block chain within supply chains. The third deal with responsible to develop and empirically test a conceptual Block Chain Technologies (BCT) adoption model for attaining competencies in supply chain.

The proposed research work will address the gaps including potential driving factors, barriers and conceptual framework in existing research by understanding the BT selection measure in supply chains. A survey on Indian manufacturing firm’s practicing supply chain management will be conducted considering different variables further data will be analysed using IBM-AMOS & IBM–SPSS for structural equation modelling and descriptive analysis respectively.

It is expected that the proposed block chain driven supply chain adoption model should improve a supply chain’s competence in the new dynamic business environment. The implication of this research may help small and medium scale Indian manufacturing firms for improving their services to the customers with a good business model.

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