Structural Dynamic Analysis Of High-Rise Buildings

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Ubi, Stanley E, Nyah, Efiok D, Nkra, Paul O, Agbor R.B


Accommodation Is Becoming A Challenge To Urban Dwellers Because Of Large Migration Of People From Rural To Urban Areas. To Solve This Problem, Developers Have Adopted Planning, Designing And Construction Of Tall Buildings In Small Parcels Of Land. Tall Buildings Cannot Be Erected Without Proper Analysis And Design Of Respective Elements That Make Up A Building Including The Soil Which The Building Will Rest On. The Objective Of This Report Is To Analyze The Dynamics Of A Twenty-Storey Tall Building Subjected To Live Load, Its Own Self Weight, Lateral Loads And Seismic Loads. The Building Is Meant For Commercial Office Purpose. The Method Used For Analysis Is The Shear Wall System Of Analysis Of Tall Buildings Using The Etabs Modelling Software. The Analysis Was Done To Asce And Aci318-14 Codes. The Results Of The Analysis Done With The Software Showed That The Maximum Displacement Of The Building When Subjected To All Loading Combinations Is 213.33mm In Storey 20 Occurring In The X-Direction. Also, Maximum Drift Is 0.006384mm Occurring In Storey 7. This Maximum Displacement And Drift Are Within The Accepted Limits Of The Codes For Tall Buildings. Hence, Satisfying The Purpose Of The Analysis And Making It Satisfactory For The Building To Be Erected.

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