Effect of Pedagogical Processes on Academic Performance of Pupils in Public Primary Schools in Hargeisa District

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Gulled M. Yasin


This study investigated effect of pedagogical processes of teachers on the academic performance of pupils in primary schools in Hargeisa districts, Somaliland. Pedagogical process was taken as all the conditions and circumstances that affect the pupils physically, intellectually and educationally. It described knowledge to teaching methods, classroom management and classroom assessment methods. The study arose from the declining performance of pupils in SCPE examination. The deteriorating academic performance was well demonstrated from increase number of failures in SCPE. In 2014-2018, percentage failure increasedby16%, reflecting an increaseof 3.2% per year. Despite the declining performance as failure rates increased, the effect of pedagogical processes on academic performance has not been isolated. Based on cross sectional survey research design, on a sample of 160 teachers, the study found out that, pedagogical processes, Fo = 43.062 > F (2,157) = 3.06; p = .000, have a significant effect on the academic performance of pupils in public primary schools in Hargeisa District. The study has found that pedagogical process affects significantly to the academic performance of pupils in public primary schools in Hargeisa District. Therefore, the researcher recommends the Ministry of Education and Science to improve the education of the teacher, enhance the training programs that ameliorate the teachers’ academic background. Last and most importantly, the researcher recommends Somaliland Teacher Training Institute to hire qualified trainers to train teachers professionally. Likewise, the researcher recommends other studies that affect teacher quality to be investigated – otherwise the gap will always be there.

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