The Importance of Implementing European Democracy

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Dr. Ferit Baça


The core concept of democracy is very important because it is associated with the advantages of its system in relation to other political systems. If we would define democracy as a system “outside of historical reality”, then we would not even be able to find the democratic realities. In the theoretical as well as in the practical field, the concept of democracy involves the form of rulership of the state, lifestyle of the country and the way of governing a particular society. From all the inherited experiences in the field of philosophical thought and living experience, the great political movements have chosen the system of democracy. A distinctive feature of a democratic society is the open communication between citizens and their government. One of the most well-known philosophers of the 18th century, J. J Rousseau, considered the Republic as the best form of the state, whereas the best way of governance, Democracy. He is known as one of the most passionate supporters of the rule of law and representative democracy. That is also the reason why Rousseau’s ideas remain even today valid within the context of the modern society. The idea of creation of United Europe historically does not belong only to a single thinker, philosopher or man of state. It is the work of a multitude of people during different historical periods of Europe, that “projected” and stimulated with their ideas the progress and destiny of european nations. The paper aims the recognition of the principles of european democratic values and their application in Albania.

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