Impact of COVID – 19 on Collegiate Students’ Life Style – An analysis

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Dr.R.Subhasri, Dr.M.Mahadevi


Covid’19, the pandemic that started in 2019 is still on its wave affecting the lives and lifestyles of the people around the world. The new normal culture was introduced in the wake of the Covid’19 so that people’s job, student’s learning does not get affected because of this pandemic situation. But the new normal culture of online meetings, online classes, learning through e-content and writing exams online all are dependent on high speed internet connection, smart phones and laptops. This research article analyses the impact of Covid’19 on changes in the life style of college students. The research is confined to Chennai area.  The research work has used survey using questionnaire method to collect the data and has used Percentage and Factor analysis method as research tools to analyse the data. It is identified from the research that there is a positive and negative change in Psychological, social, personal and habitual wellbeing of the students. These factors highly influence the life style of the college students and there is a notable change in the lifestyle of the students before and after Covid’19.

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