Characters Education Based Audiovisual for Children in the Coastal Area

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Moch. Tohet, Muhammad Mushfi El Iq Bali, Dina Putri Juni Astuti, Alwiya Ulfa, Siti Maisaroh, Hariroh Ashidqiah, Dahlan Abdullah, Kamaruddin Hasan, Teuku Muhammad Ridwan, Cut Ita Erliana


This study aims to illustrate the urgency of learning and audiovisual-based character learning forms performed for children living in coastal areas. The subjects of this study were school-age children living in the coastal area of ​​Karanganyar Village, Paiton District, Probolinggo Regency. This research uses a qualitative approach to the type of case study. The data analysis technique of this study used the Milles and Huberman models which included data reduction, data display, and concluding. The results show that: 1) it is necessary to teach character learning to children who live in coastal areas so that they are ready to navigate life in the future; 2) The forms of character learning conducted in coastal areas are a; watch together a film - a story that contains character learning, b; watching television with children's stories containing character learning, c; Upload character learning videos by the fishing community through Whatsapp groups formed and scheduled, and d; conduct a regular study of Wasaya al aba 'li al-Abna at the village mosque.

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