Covid-19 Pandemic And It’s Influence On Entrepreneurial Activities In India

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Dr. Nisha Ashokan,


The Pandemic Created A Shock And Awe Among Us All, Putting Two-Third Of The Global Population Under Lockdown, Stand Challenged; Posing Socio-Economic And Political Risks For The Whole World. The Spread Of The Pandemic Resulted Vast Economic Fallouts; Zero Economic Activity, Obstruction In Supply Chain Networks, Falling Global Demands, Surplus Production Leading To Price Fall, Loss Of Trust And Confidence, And Fear Of Gloomy Future. Pandemic Comes At The Worst Of Time When Global Economic Order Is Already Exposed To Rising Trade Protectionism, Continuing Wars On Import/Export Tax And Duty, Independent Economic Sanctions, Paused Wto Talks, Fading Economic And Financial Institutions And Lack Of Reciprocated Trust, Wisdom And Initiation Among Global Leadership.  Trade Cannot Thrive Without Balanced Policies To Restore The Economy. A Combination Of Financial-Trade Policy Measures Is, Thus, Required To Revive The Economy And Entrepreneurs In This Vague Phase Of Uncertainty. This Paper Presents A Bird's Eye View Of The Covid-19 Pandemic And Its Influences On Entrepreneurial Activities In India; Such As Entrepreneurial Ecology, Effects On Growth And Employment, Functional Problems, Business Approaches, Support And Relief Packages Announced By The India Government To Revive The Industrial Sectors.


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