A Conceptual Model For The Role Of Corporate Governance In Increasing Venture Capitalist Firms Performance In The Uae

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Suhaib Mohammed Sulaiman Al-Khazaleh, Abdul Hadi Zulkafli, Mohammad Nourani Dargiri


This Study Aims To Explore The Performance Of Venture Capitalist Firms In The United Arab Emirates And The Moderating Role Of Investment Opportunities. Firm Performance In The Current Study Will Be Measured Using Roa And Tobinsq. However, Based On The Latest Studies On Corporate Governance And The Relevancy Of Financial Firms To The Context Of The Study, This Study Proposed Corporate Governance Using Board Size, Board Independence, Gender Diversity, Board Meetings, Audit Committee Size And Audit Committee Meetings. The First Empirical Data On The Effects Of Corporate Governance On Firm Performance Is Provided In This Paper, Which Adds To The Limited Literature. The Review Shows The Gaps In The Research On The Venture Capital Firms. Corporate Governance Has Been Studied Widely But There Is Scarcity Of The Literature From The Perspective Of Venture Capitalists. To The Best Of Current Study Authors Knowledge, This Research Will Expand The Body Of Knowledge On The Venture Capitalist Firms Particularly In The Context Of Uae.

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