Analysis Of River Discharge Characteristic In Post-Flood And Normal Season At Perai River Basin, Seberang Perai, Penang

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Muhammad Hafiz Md Saad, Mohd Khairul Amri Kamarudin, Mohd Armi Abu Samah, Noorjima Abd Wahab, Siti Aisyah Md Bati, Siti Sarah Zainal, Frankie Marcus Ata


Characterization Of River Discharge Characteristics In The Post-Flood And Normal Seasons Was Carried Out In The Perai River Basin, Penang. The Sampling Study Was Conducted In November 2017 For Post-Flood And In March 2019 For Normal Season. Cross-Sectional Measurements Involving The Measurement Of River Width, River Depth, And Velocity Were Conducted At Both Sampling Times. The Objective Of This Study Was To Identify The Pattern Of River Discharge In The Perai River Basin And To Assess The Relationship Between The Occurrence Of Water Discharge And Other Factors For Both Seasons. The Results Showed That The Average Discharge Rate For Each River After The Rainy Season Was 5.99 M3s-1 For The Kereh River, 19.57 M3s-1 For The Jarak River, 12.17 M3s-1 For The Kulim River, And 52.15 M3s-1 For The Perai River. For The Normal Season, There Were 4.16 M3s-1 For The Kereh River, 6.66 M3s-1 For The Jarak River, 5.81 M3s-1 For The Kulim River And 35.96 M3s-1 For The Perai River. Subsequent Estimates Of Flood Rates During Floods Were Also Estimated By Estimating An Increase In Water Depth By Five Meters. As A Result Of This Estimate, The Average Drainage Rate For The Kereh River Is 25.97 M3s-1, The Jarak River Is 61.74 M3s-1, The Kulim River Is 64.77 M3s-1 While The Perai River Is 146.13 M3s-1. The Results From The Correlation Statistics Analysis Showed A Very Significant Reading Between River Depths And Water Discharge With R2 = 0.6131. The Relationship Between Velocity And Water Discharge Shows A Reading Of R2 = 0.0644 Which Is Not Significant. Whereas The Relationship Between Width And Water Discharge Shows A R2 = 0.5709 Which Is Significant. It Is Hoped That This Study Will Provide As Much Information As Possible Before The Proper Steps Are Taken To Prevent Future Flood Events.

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