Self Sustaining Hybrid Renewable Energy DC Micro grid with Ideal Energy Superintendence for AC Load Operation

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Sabari L Umamaheswari, A Santhoshb, Balireddy MohanReddy, D Jothi Prakash, Maligi Adithya Kumar, Jebamani. T


Renewable Energy applications requires high voltage gain converters and thus the paper proposes a converter for the requirements of sustainable operations .  The proposed circuit is designed by integrating the standard SEPIC with a magnifying module. Thus the converter benefits from advantages that of the specific converter has, like continuous input current. The other benefits include high voltage gain and input current continuity which makes the converter suitable for sustainable energy sources. The SEPIC converter provides higher voltage gain compared in Continuous current mode and Discontinuous current mode to the existing Converters with single-controlled switch and also the THD levels are reduced when comparing with the existing converters.

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