Security based Circuit Breaker for Maintenance and Management Using IoT

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E.Elakkia , Parri Lokesh , Pojula Gokul Krishna , Shaik Mohammed Sajid ,Shaik Mohammed Sajid , Nandini B


Electrical accidents to the electrical staff are increasing during the maintenance and repair of the line. This is mainly due to the miscommunication (or) lack of communication between the person working on the line and the upkeep staff. To overcome this problem we have proposed this system, which ensures the safety of the electrical staff. if the fault occurs in the line . The person who is working on the line will place his finger on the fingerprint sensor to switch off the line . This information will be passed to the substation through IoT .Again after solving the problem the same person palaces his finger on the sensor to close the line this information will also be shared with substation through IoT. This is how this proposed system ensures the safety of person who is working on the line this system works mainly using PIC microcontroller and IoT.

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