Zigbee Based Home Automation System for Physically Challenged And Elderly People

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E.Elakkia , S.Anita, Sneha S , Sneha S M , Vishali L , Nandini B


Zigbee is a wireless technology with more potential in the field of environmental control because of its benefits of low power consumption, cost efficiency, and excellent reliability, to make our home more energy efficient, we focused on home devices such as fans and lights, as well as the outside surroundings, such as the entrance. The module includes a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) for sensing darkness and turning on the light. The Ultrasonic sensor detects the presence of a human and opens the door. The temperature sensor detects the room's temperature, and a fan is used to ventilate it, while the PIR sensor detects the person's movement, and the LED illuminates. Home Automation is undoubtedly a resource which can make a home environment automated. This method of saving energy also helps to protect our environment from major sorts of emission. It helps people to control their electrical devices through these devices and set up controlling actions. This is helpful for physically impaired and old age people..

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