Smart Home Management System

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Alexander Jeevanandham Y , Deva.K , Kanivizhaiyan N , Meganathan.R , Nagarjun.N


Over the centuries this developing world has encountered various technological advancement in all possible fields so do electrical. In short the world is getting smarter with new ideas and the innovations. This paper mainly focused on showcasing the reliable smart home management system with the information being transmitted and stored in the cloud based systems, this smart home management system works by measuring current and voltage of each room and the appliances in it this is generally done using the current and potential transformer. This recorded values are sent and stored in the cloud  that actually enable the customers or consumer and both suppliers to realize the actual amount or unit of electricity being consumed also prevent consumers from getting cheated by false billing system made via assumptions. Also this helps in scheduling the load thus by classifying the peak and non peak hour so the consumer can actually use high power consuming device more economically..

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