Implementing Online Food management System

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Shubham bansal , Aman Kaushik , Shivam Sharma


What is a restaurant, it is a place where , Everyone goes to enjoy themselves, but in the modern era of the world these have changed a lot ,now usually there are apps and web based system that provides the services .In this changing era of the world we need to adapt to the new upcoming demands and to cope with that we have to build such a relation in form of always medium which can help and make our customers with us. In accordance to that web based food management system has been introduced which not only help in dealing with clients but  also deals with main owner side by using technology as an agent to carry that forward

In the development side world of this modern era the whole world has come to a side where he is actually a means to become a major part in the industry, to use the user or client as a way of interface is our most important aspect of building this project

Our focus is to make a project in which from ordering to delivering at home, a customer could do various task in just a minutes of time ,the customer has to find his own uniqueness and can create his day of food without any delay or error in the work, our work will not only help the customers but also will be helpful to the owner side as he could have records, multiple storage area and other kind of the material, so to conclude our project focus on overall development of the food to client industry

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