Explorative Research of Musculoskeletal Injuries of Burundi People Musculoskeletal Disorders in Burundi

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Japhet Ndayisenga, Tomoliyus, Sumaryanti, Ilham


Background: Musculoskeletal disorders are the common injuries which affect the main sectors of human life. They have negative impact on the athlete’s performance, on health, economic, social, development, students’ achievement and mental health. The research aims were exploration of relationship between work and human health. This is an explorative research with qualitative and quantitative approaches. The study sample were 131 subjects taken by random and they were from in the whole party of Burundi. The subjects were aged between 16-75 years, from in many various sectors jobs. The data collection technique was Google form, interview, and literature review. Data were analyzed with descriptive statistic. The result showed that 53,43% (70 subjects) from the surveyed population have have neck muscle pain, 49, muscle pain, 6,10% (8 subjects) have head muscle pain, 4,58% (6 subjects) have palme arm muscle pain.61% (65 subjects) have upper back muscle pain, 54,96% (72) have middle back muscle pain, 30,53% (40 subjects) have cheest muscle pain, 14,50% (19 participants) have abdominal muscle pain, 31,29% (41 persons) have low back muscle pain, 12,97% (17 subjects) have hips muscle pain, 19,84% (26 persons) have quadriceps muscle pain, 16,03% (21 subjects) have hamstring muscle injuried, 7,63% (10subjects) have soleus muscle pain, 10,68% (14 subjects) have gastrocnemius muscle injured, 3,81% (5 subjects) have ankle injured like sprain and strain; 5,34% (7 subjects) have underfoot muscle pain, 2,29% (3 subjects) have metatars muscle pain, 7,63% (10 subjects) have upper foot. In conclusion MSDs related to the work still in high level in Burundi.

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