Effect of Performance and Service Management on the Satisfaction of Basketball Athletes and Communities in Boyolali Regency

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Muh. Zulfa Sukmawan , Budi Aryanto, Tomoliyus, Japhet Ndayisenga, Salvator Nahimana, Ilham


Back ground: Service quality and goof management are generally recommended to be important factors for maintaining customers. The aim of this research was to explore the current situation about service quality and management in Boyolali Basketball. The methods research: this study was a descriptive lookup with quantitative approach. The research sampling was 100 Basketball players taken by random sampling. Data collection technic using questionnaire through google form. Data analysis using descriptive statistic in percentage. The result showed that 61% from the subjects surveyed were not satisfied by the performance, only 39% who feel well with the Boyolali Organization. The management of sport basket still need to be improved in the hand of training program, service quality, equipment, facility, environment, and pedagogical materials. Conclusion: Thus, service quality and management are strong instruments to help sports management to decide the allocation of resources to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. This study is the first to apply to explain career to the current situation in Boyolali Regency.

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