Effect Of Edm-Drilling Process Parameters Using Brass, Copper And Zinc Coated Tubular Electrodes On Drilling Of Ti-6al-4v

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Jush Kumar Siddani, Dr C .Srinivas, Mrs. P Saritha, Mr. P. Chinna Sreenivas Rao


Electric Discharge machining drilling (EDMD) is a recognized machining process in the field of micro-manufacturing. The researcher is still concern about the surface of EDMD. The energy discharge transferred to the workpiece surface is not precise enough for high-quality machining due to the uneven spark.  The spark energy is controlled by electrode material and Process variables.  The selection of appropriate process variables and electrode material results in the quality of the surface and hole overcut. The present work is to investigate brass tubular electrode, copper tubular electrode and zinc electroplated brass electrode are compared at different process variables on drilling of worldwide adequate aerospace and automobile applicable titanium material (Ti-6Al-4V). The selection of experiments was carried out according to the Box-Behnken design in Respons surface methodology. Special attention was given to machining Parameters TON, TOFF, Current and electrode material on the machining characteristics. The optimal parameters obtained are ZEBE is the best suitable electrode for reducing EWR and HOC. The EDM-D parameters TON, TOFF and DA are 4 µsec, 7 µsec and 15 Amps.

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