An Analysis On The Perception Of Bicycle From The Government And Public In And Around Tiruchirappalli District

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John Vimal R, Dr. Michael David Prem Kumar


The study is about the perception of bicycle among the cyclist, and government. Around the world, there is a significant level of increasing the usage of bicycles over than the motorized vehicles. Bicycles are a more economical way of transportation. The socio-demographic variable is determined by the customer perception of the bicycle. The cyclers are more conscious about their health and fitness. The study was conducted in and around the Tiruchirappalli district with 56 bicycle users. As a result, the customer's place of living is the main factor for the perception of the bicycle. In rural areas, the bicycle plays the main mode of transportation as the same way in urban areas the usage of the cycle for sports, social status, and fitness. The bicycle owners are not predicted with the annual income because everyone hasa different use of the bicycle but the income of the family has been raised when they are using the bicycle as their primary transport.

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