Rejuvenation of Smart Education in Countryside Areas

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Sankari Subbiah, B.Kavitha , G.Shanmugha Priya , R.Ezhilarasi , Senthil Nayagam S


Generally, a lot of methods to instil a detailed comprehension in a particular subject are accessible of offline learning or online learning. The proposed system help the learners, by clearing doubts on a particular subject through the help of a windows application which does not require a stable internet connection. The two advancements in the system are i) To know that if the user has understood the subject to detect the current emotions. ii) A conclusion is made on the current emotion and then to give more perception on the subject the recommendation system opts whether to present more videos or not for better clarification that can be done through the help of data analytics. The suggested videos will be at a more acceptable level than the first video. Thus, the proposed system will be entirely dependent of the current emotion of the user at the time of the first video being played for a certain duration of time. The system is an offline application so the people would be able to use it anywhere and anytime. There is also a feature of selecting the mode of language the user wants to get an elucidation upon with the medium of videos

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