Traffic Sign Recognition For An Intelligent Vehicle : A Review

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Ayesha Tabassum, K. Vaidehi


Globally, the road traffic accidents are increasing year by year. The main causes of road accidents are carelessness, speed, driver distraction, ignorance of the rules and neglecting traffic signboards. There is a high probability that the driver may miss some of the traffic signs on the road. Automatic driver assistance systems will help and decrease the driver distractions. Traffic sign detection and recognition is the major component of automated driver assistance systems. These systems assist drivers to drive safely. While driving a vehicle, the driver gets an alert message like go slow, pedestrian crossing, U-turn, school zone, men at work, etc. This system reduces drivers' burden of making decisions and increases their awareness about safe driving. Sign Identification and information extraction is one of the important tasks for guidance and safety. Intelligent transport system (ITS) should recognize road circumstances such as traffic signs and imminent road works automatically. There are three phases to recognize traffic signs: Traffic Sign Detection, feature extraction, Recognition.

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