A Study Comparison Between TikTok and Instagram: Impact of Ad Informativeness, Ad Credibility and Ad Entertainment to Purchase Intention with Attitude Towards Advertisement as Mediator.

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Yohana / The Su Ing , Sheina Shakariza , Evangeline Darmalim


The rapid development of the Internet, the World Wide Web, and Digital Technology has driven the human way of interacting and information gathering in recent years. The escalation of social media use has been a significant interest in the marketing field lately. However, every social media has its personalities and characteristics that affect how consumers view advertising value/messages. This study aims to know if the customers' attitude to purchase intention is moderated by different social media. By using random sampling quota method with total respondent of 265 respondents consist of 168 respondents for Instagram which is 71,8 % and 74 respondents for Tiktok which is 28,2 % of the total respondent we found out that, the relationship between advertising informativeness, entertainment, and credibility to customers' attitude towards advertising is also examined in this research by surveying the public that uses either one of the platforms suggested and analysed with SmartPLS software. Results show that no moderating effect or difference between both platforms took place, but all the independent variables affect the attitude towards advertising positively, thus bringing positive purchase intention among the customers. The results obtained then draw the theoretical and managerial implications.

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