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This study was focused on the development of a web e-learning application for the database courses taken by Information Technology (IT) students of the College of Information and Communications Technology (CICT) of the Bulacan State University (BulSU). The research methodology used in this project was the developmental approach. The Agile Software Development methodology was followed phase by phase, up to the development phase, to develop the system. It was used to produce the desired output rapidly while allowing to go back phases without finishing the whole cycle. Moreover, this study was focused on providing lessons about Structured Query Language (SQL) in MySQL and SQL Server approach. The project provided quizzes and examinations to allow self-assessment of learning.

Additionally, an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) simulation was included to provide ERD creations in drag-and-drop. This study was evaluated using ISO/IEC 25010 software quality evaluation criteria. The study's overall mean was 4.24, 4.41, and 4.33, all with the descriptive meaning of the Very Good, which showed that the system performed its necessary functions as perceived by students, faculty members, and experts, respectively. The project was fully developed and may improve students' learning upon its implementation.


  • Information technology → E-Learning and Educational Software

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