Adoption Of Online Shopping And Unorganized/Informal Sector Workforce: A Literature Review And Research Agenda

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Sanchayita Banerjee, Dr. Hirak dasgupta


With robust investment in ecommerce sector and with considerable increase in internet user, India has seen an unprecedented growth in ecommerce in last few years. But the share of ecommerce in India’s GDP is still quite low. Majority of people are somewhat hesitant in doing online shopping for various reason. A diverse body of research in this area from many countries are found with several elements studied as drivers or barriers in different contexts. On the other hand, the share of informal job in India is relatively huge which demands to study this group as a separate market segment. Hence a comprehensive review is needed which will help scholars and practitioners to understand these consumers’ motivation, attitude and behavior towards online shopping (OS) leading to the adoption of OS by this market segment in India, which is still unexplored. The study organized and classified the literature and assessed the avenues to facilitate future research. The paper reviewed 80 of OS and 23 of unorganized sector workforce (U/ISW) literature to examine the common research practices about OS and find out its various drivers and barriers which could be satisfactory enough to study U/ISW as a segment to be targeted..

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