Water Table Rise in Sloping Aquifer due to Canal Seepage

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Manisha M. Kankarej


A mathematical model is presented to describe the analytical solutions of the linearized Boussinesq equation of the non-linear Boussinesq equation to study transient and steady-state water rise in a homogeneous, isotropic and incompressible unconfined sloping aquifer where recharge is applied from two canals. The rise in the water table was due to seepage from two canals located at different elevations above the sloping impermeable barrier. Proposed analytical solutions were verified with analytical solutions for a horizontal aquifer and were found in close agreement. Thus, the time varying recharge rate is approximated of different  slopes depending on the nature of the recharge rate. Application of the prediction of the water table fluctuation and sensitivity analysis of various controlling parameter on the aquifer response is demonstrated.

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