The pressure of “Either Publish or Perish”

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Dr. Pooja Jain , Dr. J K Goyal , Ms. Heena Arora


The importance of research in education is universally accepted. Driving the past two decades, there have been numerous studies, policy documents highlighting the ‘importance of research” which India could reap by improving the research infrastructure in Higher education. The present paper traces the regulatory policy and structure of higher education in India since post-Independence(after 1947) period. A detailed analysis is carried out about the the government emphasis on research front. A critical analysis is carried out of the policy initiatives during these years including the New Policy on Education(1986), AICTE and UGC notification in 2010, the Yashpal Committee Report; the National Board of Accreditation(NBA);the National Assessment and Accreditation Council(NAAC);  which has resulted on increased emphasis on faculty research. The paper finally assesses the impact of these efforts and development from the perspective of quantity and quality of research publications.

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