Analysis of problems in big data transfer using SOME/IP-TP

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Yujin Choi , Seung Jun Lee , Yoon Sang Kim


Rapid advances in automotive applications led to need for big data transmission in vehicles. For these requirements, SOME/IP Transport Protocol(SOME/IP-TP) was proposed in SOME/IP(Scalable service-Oriented MiddlewarE over IP), which is a service-oriented vehicle communication. SOME/IP-TP is a method to segment a big data into lots of small-scaled smaller data. This makes it possible to transmit big data using UDP. In this paper, we analyzed the problem caused by connectionless and unreliable characteristics of UDP when using SOME/IP-TP. First, the abnormal transmission process of data due to each characteristic was investigated. Second, exceptions were defined as Shutdown and Missing, respectively. Finally, each exception was analyzed for message type transmitted through SOME/IP-TP. From the results, it was confirmed that unnecessary data transmission problems occurred when Shutdown of the Response message receiver or Missing of segmented data

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