The Role Of Ancient Folklore In Turkish Literature Of The First Islamic Period (On The Example Of Poems In "Devonu Lugati-T-Turk")

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Rakhmatova Govkhar


Makhmud Koshgari Gave Examples Of Proverbs, Matals, And Poetic Uzindis In "Devonu Lugati-T-Turk" To Clarify The Mean Of Turkish Words. Since The Work Was Written Under The Islamic Religion's Influence, Most Of The Poems Consisted Of The Advice And Battle Category. To Gain The Fame Of The Work In The Vast Region Koshgari Used Folklore, Which Was Not Contradict The Ideas Of The Islamic Religion. As A Result, The Author Provides In-Depth Information About Turkish People's Cultural Lives, Where The Islamic Religion's Ideas Do Not Entirely Contradict Those Of The Turkish People. In The Article, The Importance Of The Poems Mentioned In The Turkish Literature Of The First Islamic Period Is Mentioned In "Devonu Lugati-T-Turk."

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