Works Written On Khanafi Belief In Movarounnahr In The X Century

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Saidmukhtor Okilov


This Article Informed About Works On The Science Of Kalam (Islamic Theology) Written By Followers Of Abu Mansur Al-Maturidi, The Founder Of Maturidia Teaching In Movarounnahr In The 10th Century. All The Authors Of The Analyzed Works Were Khanafi Scholars Who Lived And Worked In Samarkand. Some Of The Works In The Article Were Not Scientifically Analyzed. There Is Also Information About Pieces, Which Are Kept In The World's Manual Funds At The Moment. Also, It Was Analyzed The Works Of Scholars As Abu Bakr Al-Iyodi, Al-Khakim As-Samarkandi, Abul Khasan Ali Ar-Rustugfani, Who Were Representatives Of The "Dor Al-Iyodia" School.

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