Scientific And Educational Activities Of The Iodi's Family

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Nozim A. Mamatakhunov


In The History Of Movarounnakhr, Several Families Had A Unique Prestige In The State And Society, Becoming The Ruling Class. The Children Of Several Scholars Who Took The Lead In The Early Days Of Khanafism Continued Their Work And Maintained Their Family's Prestige And Influence. The First Example Of This Was The Abu Khafs Family In Bukhara. It Is Known That The Famous Bukhara Scholar Abu Khafs Al-Kabir Al-Bukhari Played An Essential Role In The Spread Of The Teachings Of Abu Khanifa. His Son, Abu Khafs As-Saghir, Later Continued His Father's Work And Was Respected By Statesmen. He Even Took An Active Part In The Political Process And Had A Significant Influence On The King.

During This Period, The Iodi Family Was Also Raising Its Status In Samarkand. The Iodi's, Unlike The Khafsid Family, Operated Among The Ghazis And Preferred Populism To Politicians.

The Founder Of This Family Was Abu Nasr Ahmad Ibn Abbas Al-Iodi. He Was A Follower And Student Of Abu Bakr Al-Juzjani, The Founder Of The Dor Al-Juzjani Scientific Center In Ribat Al-Murabba (Or Murabba) In Samarkand.

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