The Efforts To Defend The Borders Of The City-State Madinah After The Hijrah (Migration) Of Muhammad (Saw)

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Zulfiya Shakirova


It Is Known That The Hijrah (Migration) Of Muhammad (Saw) From Mecca To Yathrib (Madinah) And The Work He Did There For 10 Years Is The Most Important Period In The History Of Islam. When The Prophet (Saw) Migrated To Madinah, The Socio-Political Situation Was Relatively Different From That In Mecca. Yathrib Was Inhabited By Members Of Various Tribes And Religions, Especially Christians And Jews. But There Was No Management System Like In Mecca. Muhammad (Saw) Not Only Preached The Religion In Madinah But Also Formed A New Muslim Community Of Different Religions And Described What It Would Look Like. The Thorough Creation Of “As Sahifa”, A Previously Non-Existent Document Guaranteeing The Security And Unity Of The People Of Madinah Of All Religions And Ethnicities, And The Guarantee Of Religious Freedom For All, Indicated The Establishment Of A New State Based On Equality. Through This Document, The Prophet Muhammad Expressed The Priority Of The Principles Of Peace And Tolerance In His Teachings. This Article Analyzes The Work Done By The ‘Sariyas’ (Military Groups) Who Were Sent Out Of The City To Take Measures To Protect The City’s Surroundings From Enemies After An Agreement Was Reached Between The People Of Madinah, And The Opinions Of Historians About It. The Sariyas Were Led By Muhammad (Saw) Himself Or Other Companions. They Were Taken Out Of City At Different Times. Historians Call The Movement Of The Sariyas ‘Ghazot’. This Is Probably Why The Actions Of The Muslims To Ensure Their Own Security Have Turned Them Into Invaders. Historical Sources Indicate The Number Of Ghazots Differently. The Article Reveals That It Is Wrong To Recognize Muslims As Attackers Through A Comparative Analysis Of Information About Ghazot In The Sources. 

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