The Entry And Development Of The Science “Usul Al-Fiqh” In Mawarounnahr

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Gaybullaev Saidahmadkhon Samatkhonovich, Khushvaqov Makhmayusuf Ashurovich, Abdupattaev Mumin Mirzo Murodjon Ugli


The Article Studies The Contribution Of The Scientists Of Mawarannahr To The Formation And Development Of The Theory Of Islamic Jurisprudence – Usul Al-Fiqh. The Origin Of The Science Of Usul Al-Fiqh In Iraq And Its Subsequent Spread To The East And The Factors That Led To It Have Been Studied. The Works Of Movarounnahr Scholars Moturudi, Qaffol Shoshi, Dabusi, Abul Usr Pazdavi, Umar Nasafi, Alouddin Samarkandi And Sadrush-Shahid Bukhari On Methodology, Science, And New Topics And Concepts Introduced To Science Were Analyzed. Moreover, Some Valuable Information Was Provided About The Works, Such As Mahosin Ash-Shari'a, Ma'okhiz Ash-Shari'a, Taqvim Al-Adilla, Usul Al-Pazdavi, Usul As-Sarakhsi, Mezon Al-Usul, At-Talvih, Manor And The Commentaries To Them. At The End, The Method Of Al-Fiqh  Was Given Conclusions On The Role Of Theoretical Foundations And Purpose Of Islam And The Importance Of Their Understanding Of Islamic Concepts.

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