Historical Figures And Some Aspects Of National Identity

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Vakhob H. Kuchkarov, Ilyos Mirziytov, Utkir V. Kuchkarov


Human Activity, Life, And Historical Figures' Activities Played The Most Important Role In Humankind's History. In Particular, It Is Quite Natural That Political Leaders Enter The Historical Scene In The Era Of Radical Social Changes. Therefore, This Article Highlights Some Aspects Of Historical Figures And National Identity. According To Them, The Historical Role Of Individuals Was Studied Based On Concrete Facts In The Article. In Particular, It Was Analyzed That The Great Historical Commander Amir Temur Was The Nation's Pride. Consequently, Not Knowing The History Means Not Understanding Yourself. The Pragmatic Ideas That Only Self-Conscious People Honor Great People's Names And Always Remember Their Souls' Purity Are Scientifically Justified.

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