The Use Of Public Relations Technology In Public Administration And Image Problems

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Bektosh O. Berdiev


This Article Is Devoted To The Issues Of Image-Maker And Public Relations Technologies (Public Relations-Pr), Which Are One Of The Most Important Topics In The Field Of Political Technology. Pr Has Long Been Widely Used In The Organization And Conduct Of Elections Of Developed Countries In Their Experience Of Creating A Positive Opinion And Image Of A Political Party, Group Or Political Leader.

It Is Known That Public Relations – Pr Technologies Are One Of The Most Important Areas Of Every Subject, The Activity, Propaganda Carried Out By Them, Domestic And Foreign Policy Of The Country. It Is A Rapidly Developing And Improving Sphere On A Global Scale. It Is Not A Secret That The Ussr Was Deprived Of Many Opportunities Because Pr Wasn't Developed In The States That Were Part Of It. Political Technologies Were Considered A Bourgeois Style And Method, Etc. Pr Technologies Entered Mainly With The Collapse Of The Ussr And Developed Only In Those Countries Where Conditions And Opportunities Existed. Because, In All States, Political Liberalization Processes, Improving The Electoral System, Leaders, Political Parties, And Forces Wishing To Win In The Electoral Process Increased The Demand For Political Technologies, Including Pr Technologies.

Uzbekistan Wasn't Excluded From These Processes. But Due To The Lack Of Specialists In This Direction, The Organization Of The Elections And Other Political Events By The State, The Demand For Pr Technologies Was Also Little. The Large-Scale Processes Of Political Democracy And Freedom In Uzbekistan Over The Past Five Years Have Further Increased The Need To Apply These Technologies And Methods In The Activities Of State Authorities, Civil Servants Or Deputies, Political Parties And Several Public Organizations. In Increasing The Role Of Political Institutions, Especially Civil Institutions And Gaining Prestige In Society, Problems With The Pr Technologies Are Emerging. Many Heads Of Some Organizations And Departments, Leaders Of Political Parties Do Not Have Enough Experience In Using These Political Technologies. As A Result, The Use Of Pr Technologies In Uzbekistan Is A Highly Perspective Sphere.

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