Some Aspects Of Political Transition In Central Asian States

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Mukhtor Nazirov


This Scientific Article Provides A Retrospective Analysis Of The Features Of The Political Processes That Took Place In Central Asian Countries In The First Period Of Independence – The Transition Period. The Article Examines Several Aspects Of The Implementation Of New Statehood In Central Asian Countries, Free Of Internal And External Pressures And Forces, The Nature Of Dynamic Systems, And The Effect Of Reforms On Long-Term Stability.

Furthermore, The Article Investigates Topics Including The Effect Of Political Factors On Forming A New National Statehood In Central Asian Republics, The Variety Of Growth Models During Independence Years, Political Transition Strategies, And The Impact Of Particular Aspects Of Internal Progress On Long-Term Development. Some Characteristics Of The Early Stages Of Political Processes In Central Asian Countries Were Described In The Analysis.

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