Food Safety Issues During The Pandemic Period

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Abduvali Isajonov, Abdulaziz Abduvaliev


The Scope And Structure Of The Food Problem Are Becoming More Complicated Today. The Article Shows That The Provision Of The Population With Food Products Has Become An Important Function Of Every State As A Result Of The Global Changes That Are Taking Place Now.

Attention To The Food Issue Is Growing All Over The World From Year To Year. It Is Known That The Problem Of Hunger And The Issue Of Food Supply To Its Inhabitants Is Now Of Global Importance, And Each Country Takes The Necessary Measures In Solving This Problem, Proceeding From Its National Economy And Economic Characteristics. The Elimination Of Hunger And Poverty Is Reflected In The Millennium Development Goals (2000-2015 Years) Approved By The Un And Included In The Sustainable Development Goals (2016-2030 Years).

No State Can Achieve Sustainable Development And Socio-Economic Growth Without Ensuring Its National Security. The Article Describes The Economic Frustration Among The Concept Of Security In A Broad Sense, Especially The Direct Impact Of Food Security On The Prospects For The Development Of Economic Relations, Which Is Considered Its Segment.


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