Contemporary Views Of Financial Issues Caused In Fikhi Sources

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Ilhom Berdiyarov, Ilhom Bekmirzayev


This Article Deals With Financial Issues And Agreements Based On Fikhi (Jurisprudential) Sources Created By Our Ancestors, In Particular, Burhanuddin Marghinani's “Al-Hidaya”, Alouddin Abu Bakr Ibn Mas`Ud Ahmad Kasani's “Badoi'us Sanoi' Fi Tartibi Sh`Arai”, And Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Sarakhsi's “Al-Mabsut”. The Origin Of The Basic Concepts Of Islamic Finance, The Current Assets Of Islamic Financial Institutions, The Specific Features And Principles Of Islamic Finance Are Explained. As Well As Provides With Examples Of How Islamic Banks Are Applying The Rules Of “Mudharabah” And “Musharakah” That Are Given In Original Fiqhi Sources. It Also Provides Feedback From Contemporary Scholars And Experts On This Issue. At The End Of Article, It Is Revealed The Opportunities That Can Be Achieved Through The Effective Use Of Islamic Financial Instruments In Fikhi (Jurisprudential) Sources In Our Society In Accordance With Today's Requirements.

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